our Playground is about creating | expressing | growing

Having as guide our mission to strengthen the bond between music and dance, we have created a modern and open space where various artists can shelter their projects. Different music and dance styles like flamenco, tap, jazz music, african dancing and percussive instruments can exist creatively under the same roof and help to the evolvement of communication, collaboration, perception and imagination.

Welcome to PLAYGROUND for the arts!

"It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities and talents"

- Eric Hoffer

the starting point

a meeting of percussive arts

Rhythm is strongly related to the very meaning of life.The heartbeat, our breathing, the movement of the planets, the circular change of seasons.Man expressed his relation to rhythm primarily by using his voice combined with coordinated feet & hand movements. Then through the manufacture of instruments Tradition was created, through which music and dance evolved. But later on things changed. Music and dance evolved individually and though they have both reached high levels of conception and technique, their “interrelationship” has somehow been “lost”.

We are Yiota (flamenco), Thanos (tap dance, body music) and Petros (percussion) and this has been our starting point in becoming the co-founders of PLAYGROUND for the arts. By placing our different artways under a common roof we have managed to become stronger and create a larger community of artists dealing with rythm through movement and sound. And it worked! Soon enough a strong dynamic emerged,a dynamic which inspired new ideas and gave us the opportunity to expand our own idea in every aspect of music and dance.

Voutsara 4-6. 11856, Athens
+30 210 8544836